Mobile Solutions

Virgosys is a rapid-growth mobile application development company. Our company provides applications for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia platforms. Virgosys develops mobile solutions and provides mobile application development services.

Virgosys has a dedicated team for mobile application development and the domain expertise to deliver powerful, high quality mobile solutions, mobile software development.

Virgosys is there to support you whether it be the presale activity or bidding on a big software Project. Likewise we extend our support to tackle any issues arising from post implementation. Our company provides the best of breed solutions and the technologically most advanced. We believe in keeping abreast with the latest technologies so that we can deliver world-class cutting edge software solutions for your business to prosper. We are your long-term partners.

At Virgosys, we take special pride in designing and developing some of the most user friendly, unique and attractive mobile solutions that are customized according to the specs of each individual client. Virgosys can deliver to you the most smartly designed, resourceful, and creative cross platform mobile application development completely functional for all smart phones dominating the market today.

Virgosys mobile solutions helps you to create new competence for business processes. You can perceive these abilities much faster with our pre-built small applications, which helps you to reduce your time to market.

The need for mobile software development varies from business to business, Virgosys not only understands these needs but also design solution that not only benefit your business but also strike a chord with your target audience. We have strategies that are flexible and can be trimmed as per client's needs and latest market trends.

Virgosys portfolio includes location based services apps, social networking for mobiles, M-commerce, mobile security apps, and more. Virgosys provides quality mobile software development on leading platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and windows.


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