Market research shows that almost every other organizations has a considerable number of vehicles to be managed on daily basis. Each vehicle spends a considerable amount of time in the parking premises searching for empty parking lots, The entire vehicle parking management process has little involvement of IT resulting in poor visibility - inefficiencies and loses. There is a scope of manipulating data in manual process like vehicle report time which leads to accounting mistakes and high loss to the organization Its important to track the movement of vehicles, vehicle reporting time etc which can help in improving logistics efficiency resulting in significant cost savings.

How Does RFID Work

  • Vehicle can be identified from a distance of 7-8m even when moving at a speed of 20 kmph.
  • Password protected verification allows only registered vehicles to enter ensuring greater security.
  • Boom barrier is automatically triggered on verification at gates thus saving time and errors as well as avoiding manual dependence.
  • Records event with date and time stamp.
  • Tamper proof features to avoid duplication or malpractices